Frequently asked Questions

shortaffair - brand ambassador and joint partner Micaela Schäfer

shortaffair service:

For whom is this service intended?
For women and men above 18 years of age. For women offering erotic services as a principal or secondary activity and for men who want to avail of these services.
Do I have to register?
Registration is not necessary to avail the services of shortaffair. So there is no danger of information falling into the wrong hands. Only the women offering their services must set up a profile and they only need a valid mobile number to do that.


Where is available? is available worldwide form the start and is offered in 34 languages. Shortaffair is blocked in countries where such services are punishable (like Saudi Arabia).
What is the role of
shortaffair is the provider of this platform and helps users to set up erotic dates. The meetings and details like place and payment are finalised by the users amongst themselves.
It is very natural for the topic of sex to belong to the lifestyle of today. now offers you the opportunity to organise your erotic needs quickly and easily via Smartphone.
What about my anonymity? 
As shortaffair does not require men to register, you can use it anonymously and data security is also guaranteed. Women can set up their profile on the website following a few steps and can display their services to interested customers from the area, for a monthly fee of 200 euros. The only thing that a woman needs for that is a valid mobile number.
Are there charges to use shortaffair?
Men do not have to pay anything to use the website; only for the services that they directly agree with their date. The women advertisers can use shortaffair for a monthly fee of 200 euros.
What is the meaning of the displayed profiles?
With one click, find out which women are available in your area for erotic entertainment. You have to agree upon the desired service and the fees directly with the women.
Are the women advertisers really offering their services RIGHT NOW in my area?
On our map, we only display those profiles that have been switched “online” by the advertisers themselves, who are offering their services now. Your location is not displayed for security reasons.
How can I contact the advertiser?
Call up the profile of the advertiser. You can find a telephone number below, which you can select directly with a click.


Why do I have to specify my location?
We require your location so that we can show you the profiles in your area.
I can see the map, but I cannot see any profiles.
You can reload the profiles in your area at any time by clicking on “Search again in this area” (appears top left on the map) and have them displayed.
I can see the map, but I cannot click on any profiles on the map.
That happens if you have answered the age restriction of 18 years with NO. Close the website and call again.
When I click on “My Location”, nothing happens or there is no error message.
Your device does not inform us of your location. Either your device does not support any location determination or you have turned it off. Please activate the location determination (for example GPS) in your device.
I can see coloured circles with numbers on the map, but no profiles.
Our system uses the coloured circles to show the number of profiles in this area. To look at the individual profiles, you must magnify that part of the map (zoom).
How can I zoom in or zoom out that part of the map?
Using both the “+” and “-” signs (pinch to zoom on smartphones - zoom with fingers) or at the border of the map you can zoom in or zoom out the displayed section of the map. If you cannot see any profiles displayed after doing that, click on “search again in this area”.
I have moved the map section and cannot see any profiles any more.
You can reload the profiles at any time by clicking on “Search again in this area” and have them displayed.
I have clicked on a photo, and now can see a title and a photo. How can look at the whole profile?
You can click on “Display profile” or very simply click on the photo and then can see the whole profile of the advertiser.
How can I see more photos of the advertiser?
In the profile view, you can leaf through the photos by clicking on the left and right arrows. You can also see these photos by swiping on the smartphone. Please note that not all profiles have many photos.
How can I contact the advertiser?
Call up the profile of the advertiser. You can find a telephone number below, which you can select directly with a click.


The system does no accept my mobile number?
Log in again with your mobile number (you must ensure the input format in the international format: for example, +491721112233). If you do not know your password, you can click on the “Forgot Password” link (on the login page) and have a link sent to you via sms. Clicking on this link will take you to the page where you can reset your password.
Do I have to specify my mobile number?
Yes! The interested parties will be unable to contact you without your mobile number. Even we communicate using the mobile number and sms. Your mobile number is a part of your profile and appears on shortaffair only if you are switched online.
I have forgotten my username.
Your username corresponds to your mobile number in the international format (for example +491721112233).
What is the duration of a shortaffair subscription?
The subscription lasts for 30 days and does not extend automatically. You will receive an sms from us before your subscription ends (at least 3 days before that). As soon as your subscription ends, our system automatically switches you to “offline”. You can switch your profile back to “online” after extending your subscription by another 30 days.