Why shortaffair?

shortaffair - ambassador and joint partner Micaela Schäfer

For men

With shortaffair.com, you can find great women near you, all over the world and anytime. You can easily and directly call them up - no registration required.

Find out with one single click which women are available for erotic pleasures near you right now. You'll then negotiate desired service and pay directly with the women.

Easily find women all over the world with shortaffair.com - it's free and no registration is required.

It’s exactly what you’ve always wanted. Erotic contacts - around the clock, everywhere-anywhere: shortaffair.com

For women

shortaffair.com is the global platform that allows you to offer your service around the clock, everywhere and anywhere you want.

Shortaffair Botschafterin Micaela Schäfer
shortaffair - brand ambassador and joint partner Micaela Schäfer

You decide when and where you want to work, whether it's at home, while traveling, on vacation, or elsewhere in the world. With shortaffair.com, you are easily accessible at any time for all potential clients near you.

How does it work?
As soon as you switch to the "Online" status, any interested persons in your vicinity see your profile on your card and can contact you by telephone. You profile always appears based on your current location and even worldwide. If you do not wish to be available, you can always make your ad invisible with a click. You can easily control when you want to be seen and contacted by your potential customers in your vicinity. It cannot get better or easier than this.

You can be accessible around the world any time for a listing charge of 200.00 euros for 30 days.