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You can be accessible around the world any time for a listing charge of 200.00 euros for 30 days.

Create your profile now (only for woman) is a worldwide platform which enables you to work from wherever you are - everywhere and anywhere.
The modern way of establishing contacts. As soon as you switch your status to "Online", any interested persons in your vicinity can see your profile on and can contact by telephone. Your profile always appears whenever and wherever you want it to appear - even around the world:

Online = Profile visible
Offline = Profile not visible

If you are no longer available, you can make your profile invisible any time by changing your status to "Offline". You can simply control when you want to be seen and contacted by customers in your vicinity. It cannot get better and easier than this.

shortaffair - brand ambassador and joint partner Micaela Schäfer
Our service is available in the following countries:

Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Luxembourg, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, English, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Taiwan, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Tunisia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Bulgaria, Thailand, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Liechtenstein, Monaco

Create your profile now (only for woman)

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